My Skills


I tell stories.

We take action based on emotion and justify our decisions with logic, so I use storytelling to captivate, educate and motivate audiences. I write blogs that help people survive and thrive. I draft video scripts that make desires and solutions clear. I produce magazines that provide value in a compelling and cohesive way. I create keynotes that inspire. Stories come in many forms and I meet audiences wherever they are: everywhere

I write copy.

Pretty websites and brochures don’t sell things—words sell things. I write copy that’s practical yet persuasive. I craft emails that clarify the key message and convert. I create landing pages that logically communicate value propositions and drive action. I produce direct mailers that capture attention and move audiences through the customer journey. Copywriting is an art form, but I lean on science to use words that sell.

I create strategies.

Connecting creative work to business outcomes is hard, but the best creatives know exactly how they impact the bottom line. My 10+ years of business experience have taught me that budgets are too big and stakes are too high to invest in strategies that rely solely on intuition. I use storytelling techniques to help businesses think outside of corporate structures and devise strategies that sell products and drive revenue.

I get shit done.

Innovation requires change, and those that embrace that change are the ones that will move your business forward. But accepting new normals is only half the battle. You need someone with the proven ability to adapt and thrive in times of change, who can think on their feet, and work outside their comfort zones. That’s the kind of versatility I provide because results matter more than anything else.