Because it’s all about giving people what they want and don’t even know they need.

This “about me” is about you.

Standing out is cool, but you’re here because you want more than that. You want the kind of attention that separates you from the competition and connects you with more customers. You want to link everything you sell to everything you stand for because you know people make purchasing decisions with their hearts as much as they do with their brains. You need someone that can craft stories that inspire action, provide value and trigger conversation. And you need that someone to understand the entire creative process—from idea conception through campaign analysis.

In other words, you need a creative unicorn you can trust with the art and science behind your business. I know a guy that has what you need.

This is what you and I can do together.

We can use words to rally people around who you are, what you do, and what makes you essential. We can instill confidence in your products and services by telling stories that build trust in your brand and the people behind it. We can write copy that’s concise and that tells people what they need to know about what you do. We can find the right language to articulate your ideas so you can move audiences inside and outside of your organization.

We can conquer any challenge by leveraging the sense-making power of storytelling, which is what I’ve done for more than a decade working with various startups, brands and agencies.

So let’s chat and turn “can” into “will”.

This is my approach to writing.

The most effective writers abide by a set of principles. These are mine.

1. Everything I create needs to be down with CCP.
If it’s not contributing to a cohesive, compelling and purposeful experience for the reader, I’m not publishing it.

2. Clear is a given and clever is a bonus.
Writing isn’t clever unless it’s clear to the only person who matters: the reader

3. I write like I talk.
Writing is a conversation between the writer and the reader. I keep it real to build real connections with real people.

4. You stand out by providing value.
Being different breaks the clutter, but being distinct and useful keeps readers coming back for more. I aim to educate, motivate and captivate.

5. The audience decides what’s effective.
I embed with the reader early and often in the creative process to ensure I provide value that resonates. After that, A/B testing is my best friend.

This is my approach to everything else.

The world is complex. These beliefs keep me grounded and focused.

1. I don’t know everything.
My growth mindset motivates me to constantly seek ways to improve as a person and creative.

2. The goal is more important than my role.
Creative execution is where I provide the most value, but I embrace when projects call for me to perform duties beyond my job description.

3. You can achieve anything with a good story.
The Fyre Fest and Theranos debacles prove people will do anything for you if you sell them a dream. I just choose to use storytelling for good.

4. Good artists copy, great artists steal.
I seek inspiration from others, but that’s only a starting point. I consider my context and personal style and turn those ideas into something new.

5. “Scared money don’t make no money.”
Fresh takes involve risk, but I do my research to mitigate those risks and consider all outcomes—positive or negative—data points and not failures.